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Gel Nail Lacquer Color Combos for Short Nails

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Every woman desires to have the most beautiful nails in the world. Today, you have excellent options like gel polish, dip powder, and other techniques for enhancing your nail appearance altogether. All these procedures look stunning on people having long nails. However, if you have short and stubby nails, you have to look at different options. This blog discusses the best OPI gel lacquer color combos you can have for short nails.

Here are some tips to make short nails look attractive.

Top Gel Nail Colors for Short Nails

The Violet – Purple Combo

Gel Nail Lacquer Color Combos for Short Nails

You do not have much space to play with your colors when you have short nails. Therefore, it is a disadvantage for you. However, you can try out the purple and violet combination. These colors look similar and transition beautifully from one to another. Besides, the combination stands out and is perfect for any season. Continue reading