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How to Match Your Nail Colors to Your Skin Tone?

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A nail manicure is an integral part of any cosmetic makeup. A good manicure could take more than half an hour. We take a lot of time choosing the right color to match our outfits. But is it the only thing we should look for when having a manicure? No, because our skin tone plays a significant role in making us look beautiful and presentable. Just as we have the right makeup to suit our skin color, we should select the perfect nail polish color depending on our skin tone.

Best Nail Colors to Your Skin Tone

Kiara Sky nail colors offer an extensive range of colors that match almost every skin tone in the world. So, let us learn how to select our nail colors to suit our skin tone.

Best Nail Colors to Your Skin Tone

The Perfect Match for Light Skin Tones

People having light skin tones are better off choosing nail polish colors that compliment their skin instead of washing out their fair complexion.

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