Express Yourself with 3d Nail Art Design Using LDS Nail Dipping Powder

When it comes to expressing one’s self, there is an iota of ways to do that. It can either be done via choice of clothes, choice of music, color of hair or tattoo. There are just tons of ways to express ourselves via art and women are the most creative when it comes to that. Nail art is one way they use to express themselves and with the advancement of technology, painting the nails doesn’t end with using nail polish anymore. Times have brought so many modern ways to beautify our nails and nail dipping powder is one of those.

Nail Art Design

A Nail Dipping Powder can bring so much more than just painting the nails, it can also be used to create realistic nail designs that flowers, shapes and many other. Nail dipping powder is very flexible and when used right, it can produce tons of products that your nails will love. From one simple nail colour to an overly decorated nails, nail dipping powder can do that.

Here are some nail design ideas that you can recreate to express the other side of your persona. Feel free to do your own version too.

1. Single White Poinsettia in the Middle

Can’t leave your love for poinsettia? Well with this nail design, you don’t have to wait for Christmas to put it on your nails. You can have your favourite blossom anytime of the year by creating a white poinsettia in the middle of your nail. Accentuate it with rhinestones and a black DND DC gel polish then you can now have a Christmas inspired nail on winter, summer or fall.

2. Rose Bloom in Peach Nails

There is something about roses that is so hard to resist. If you are one of those who love roses, then this nail design is for you. Using LDS D82 Give Peach A Chance as a basecoat, this design will be ready for any season. Then using LDS D02 Oatmeal and LDS Liquid Sealer Dry, create a 3D rose flower to step out from the conventional white shade.

Additional Tip: Create a dot using from the same mixture then put a rhinestone on top of it to create another accent. If you have heart jewels, adding that would make the look extra classy.

3. Ribbon Patter with Free-Hand Black Design

Is flower on nail is too mainstream? Then go for a ribbon instead. This design is very easy to do and it still has some feminine touches too. Adding black lines underneath will highlight the ribbon design and if you want to add some rhinestones for extra spark, then knock yourself out.