How to Match Your Nail Colors to Your Skin Tone?

A nail manicure is an integral part of any cosmetic makeup. A good manicure could take more than half an hour. We take a lot of time choosing the right color to match our outfits. But is it the only thing we should look for when having a manicure? No, because our skin tone plays a significant role in making us look beautiful and presentable. Just as we have the right makeup to suit our skin color, we should select the perfect nail polish color depending on our skin tone.

Best Nail Colors to Your Skin Tone

Kiara Sky nail colors offer an extensive range of colors that match almost every skin tone in the world. So, let us learn how to select our nail colors to suit our skin tone.

Best Nail Colors to Your Skin Tone

The Perfect Match for Light Skin Tones

People having light skin tones are better off choosing nail polish colors that compliment their skin instead of washing out their fair complexion.

  1. The nude shades should be perfect because they gel with the skin color and do not show up awkwardly on their nails. While choosing the ideal nude, they should go for the pinkish or peach nudes rather than the beige or darker hues.
  2. The dark reds look gorgeous on people with white skin because it offers the perfect contrast. In addition, the red color is the most flattering of all shades, especially if you choose a transparent hue. You can check the transparency by holding the red polish to the light.
  3. The pinks are the best because this color gives you umpteen options. Pinks come in various shades ranging from the lightest of peaches to the super bright fuchsias. So, your Kiara Sky nails can look heavenly and make you the center of attraction.
  4. Blue is an excellent choice for people with light skin tones. While the light blues are the universal choices, you can experiment with the darkest navy blue colors. The dark blues enhance your beauty quotient by several notches.

The Ideal Hues for Medium Skin Tones

Having a medium skin tone is a beautiful feeling as it looks glowing all the time. Choosing the right color on your Kiara Sky nails can flatter your looks and make you look more gorgeous than ever.

  1. The nudes are the perennial favorites for all skin tones. However, people with medium skin tones should try out the beige shades rather than the lighter pinks. The medium skin tone handles the beige shades better than the pinkish hues.
  2. The reds are a good choice, but it is not advisable to go for a transparent hue. You can select a red shade that borders on the orange or the pinks to augment your skin tone perfectly. It is an excellent idea to have red with gold undertones to bring out your complexion’s original glow.
  3. If you wish to try out the pinks, you are welcome to do so, but it is better to go for the lightest hues to contrast your medium skin tone. Kiara Sky nail colors can be the perfect brand because of the various options.
  4. The pastel blues can look heavenly on your medium skin tone. However, it is advisable to use the light sky blue color to contrast your skin.

The Best Shades for Dark Skin Tones

People with dark skin tones have an advantage because almost any lacquer paint looks excellent on their nails. However, it is better to stay away from the lightest shades of all colors because these hues reduce the impact considerably.

  1. The pinks are beautiful, especially if you plump for the darker hues gravitating more towards the reds. Hence, you can have a rose-colored nail polish to look your stunning best.
  2. Contrary to what many people think, blues look fantastic on people with dark skin tones. They can select the brightest cobalt hues that stand out against the skin and augment their overall beauty quotient to the next level.
  3. No one can ignore the nudes because these shades suit every skin tone. You can look for the cream and beige Kiara Sky nails when selecting your nudes. Nothing can be more enchanting than having nails that make a forceful fashion statement.
  4. Red is a versatile choice because it suits every skin tone. While the fair-skinned people prefer the transparent reds, the deep reds look ravishing on the darker skin tones. In addition, the red nails can be charming and take you closer to your loved ones.

Final Thoughts

Your skin tone is crucial to making your nail polish stand out among the crowd. We have discussed various hues that match different skin tones, from the fair to the dark. So, next time you have your manicure, choose the right shade to look at your gorgeous best.