Six Tips for an Excellent Dip Powder Manicure

The pandemic situation has changed our lives considerably. Today, we do not have many women flocking the nail salon for their manicures. Instead, they have perfected the art of having their manicures at home. At the same time, you have the top nail products manufacturers introducing innovative DIY kits to make it easier for them. These tips can help enhance your comfort further and ensure that having a DIY dip nail manicure at home becomes an exciting affair.

Tip to Make Your Dip Manicure Look More Beautiful

Six Tips for an Excellent Dip Powder Manicure

We advocate using high-quality nail products like SNS dip powder to get a perfect dip manicure. These exciting tips can make your SNS nails look more beautiful than they have ever been.

How to ensure against lifting

Generally, you prep your nail well, use the best quality basecoat, dip powder, activator, and apply the top coat to finish your dip powder manicure. Yes, the procedure is correct. Your SNS nails look great but can start lifting after a week. It would require you to take remedial measures. However, you can prevent lifting your nail if you take a small precaution when having your dip powder manicure.

The main cause of lifting your nail polish is the presence of oils on the nail surface. While you take sufficient precautions to remove the oils, some traces are generally left behind. The best solution is to use a primer before applying the basecoat. After applying the primer to prepare the nail surface for an oil-free dip powder manicure, you can buff your nails. In addition, it ensures that the manicure lasts its full term without lifting.

How to ensure the edges are clean

The secret of an excellent SNS dip powder manicure is in making the edges as clean as possible. You can achieve clean edges by steering clear of the cuticles. When applying the basecoat, leaving out a gap of around a millimeter or two from the cuticle is advisable. If you get too close to your cuticles, you can use your toothpick to clean them before proceeding with the dip powder manicure.

You can also use a nail drill to ensure cleaning the edges and getting a salon-quality dip powder manicure at home. The right way is to keep the nail drill at the slowest setting and go around the edges carefully to remove any debris.

How to remove your dip powder

While many ways are available for removing dip powder, it is better to use the tried and tested method. First, use a nail file to scrape away at the nail polish top layer to make it easy for the removal process. Next, brush off the debris and dip your nails in 100% acetone. Alternatively, you can dip a few cotton balls in the solution and place them over your nails. The acetone will take around 25 minutes to work and dissolve your nail polish. The nail polish layer should slide off comfortably.

How to prevent the formation of white specs

White specs can form if you file your SNS nails too hard, especially when using darker shades. As a result, your manicure can look imperfect. The ideal way to prevent white specs from forming on your nails is to encapsulate your nails in clear SNS dip powder nails. Subsequently, you can file your nails without forming any white specs. This clear dip layer also proves useful when applying the glitter over your dip powder.

How to store your dip powder

When you have a dip powder manicure at home, it becomes essential to have a sufficient quantity of SNS dip powder stacked up for use. Besides, you might require a touch-up any time, especially if you damage your manicure accidentally. Hence, it would help if you stored adequate dip powder replenishments. The right way to store sip powder is using specialized storage bins. These bins allow you to stack your dip powder bottles properly one over the other. In addition, these bins have adequate space at the sides to place your basecoat and topcoat liquids.

How to grow nails naturally

The dipping powder procedure allows false acrylic nail extensions to make your manicure look beautiful. However, nothing can match the natural nail look. Your nails look great if they are natural. Hence, you should ensure a healthy diet and take proper care of your nails. Collagen is extremely beneficial for your nails. Hence, it is good to have collagen in your diet every morning. Besides strengthening your nails, it enhances their beauty to ensure a perfect dip powder manicure.

Final Words

We have discussed various tips to ensure your SNS dips manicure looks great. You can follow these tips to get the best SNS nails to display on your social media handles. In addition, you can order your nail polish requirements from our web store and get the best quality products at reasonable prices.