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Dip Powder Nail Polish

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Have you ever endured the feeling of being disgusted by chipped nails yet there is nothing you can do about it? It beats the logic of wasting all your time looking for the perfect manicure yet after a few days you will start hiding your nails. The most worrying thing is the idea of your nails just getting messed up by opening a bottle of soda. If you have been suffering from such kind of problems, you do not have to worry anymore because dip powder nail polish has come to save you.

I have always been overwhelmed by the feeling that I will never get a perfect manicure. I, therefore, decided to settle for what is there regardless of the quality. I had been seeing these perfect nails on televisions and magazines and the techniques behind them but everything seems like magic. The look is always mouthwatering. Later on, I have come to realize that there a promising nail polish that is not known to many but promises the perfect look that I have always desired. It is known as the dip powder nail polish. Many experts describe it as between fake nails and regular manicure. This is a new process that has been gaining a lot of attention as a result of social media.

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How DoesIt Work?

Despite the lack of popularity among many people, the process involved in the application of DND nail polish is very simple. With the ease of application, it makes it a process that can easily be done at home. Essentially, you would be able to save a lot of money that can be used for other purposes if you do not have to go to the salon to get a gel polish or even acrylic. Application of this polish makes you enjoy the advantage of not worrying about dust inhalation anymore as it is when working with UV exposure or acrylic. It also gets a huge selling point from the idea that the application of the polish is done in powder form unlike the typical types of polishes. Continue reading