Mixed Race Politics is an online and print publication of art and writing created by and for mixed people.

Ashley Casiello, Editor

Ashley-CasielloAshley CasielloAshley Casiello is the editor for Mixed Race Politics and a student at Columbia University. She is interested in studying poverty and inequality, education disparity, and is dedicated to the movement for prison abolition.

email: ashley at mixedracepolitics dot com

Andrea Venkatesan, Development & Social Media Manager

Andrea-VenkatesanAndrea VenkatesanAndrea Venkatesan is the Development and Social Media Manager for Mixed Race Politics, a proud alumna of the University of Miami, and a wanderlustress. She is passionate about integrating fourth-wave feminist values with the arts and politics, and firmly believes that creative, intelligent, and responsible media is a perfect way to start meaningful conversations that can create lasting, sociopolitical change for the better.

email: andrea at mixedracepolitics dot com

N.Laurence, Webmaster/IT

N.LaurenceN.Laurence is the webmaster for Mixed Race Politics and a freelance web developer and designer. They are committed to creating and valuing spaces that are queer-friendly, anti-racist, body-positive, feminist (specifically Black/intersectional feminism), and non-ableist.

email: nlaurence at mixedracepolitics dot com

Mixed Race Politics was founded in January 2015 by ‎Maya Inamura.