All about Sunscreens; Benefits and Uses

All about Sunscreens

Our atmosphere is full of harmful radiation and material that is hazardous to our skin. It is important to keep our skin protected otherwise the radiation can ruin it in no time. Due to the unusual and excessive presence of radiation in our surroundings, sunscreens have now become an important part of skincare routines. They possess certain characteristics which make them ideal to be used against all the toxic radiation.

All about Sunscreens

How can radiation harm our skin?

Radiations can be very harmful for our skin. They can cause:

  1. Aging, fine lines and wrinkles.
  2. Mutations in the skin cells leading to damage or loss of cellular function.
  3. Dryness, loss of moisture and flakiness.
  4. Itching, redness and inflammation.
  5. Melasma or patchy skin due to loss of essential skin components.

Components of a sunscreen

Sunscreen contains carefully chosen components that reflect the sunlight and does not let radiation of higher frequency absorb into the skin. The most important component of sunscreen is the SPF or Sun Protection Factor. A sunscreen having an SPF 60+ is considered the most favorable for keeping your skin protected from all the toxic rays. Along with that it also contains moisturizing and nourishing ingredients which keep your skin healthy.

What is sunscreen used for?

Sunscreen, as the name suggests, creates a barrier between the atmosphere and your skin. It does not let any particle from your surroundings penetrate into your skin and as a result, your skin remains safe and healthy.

Sunscreens used in different skin conditions

Sunscreens have proved themselves effective against a number of skin conditions. Some of them are as follows.


Melasma is a skin condition that results in the appearance of greyish patches on the skin. It is mainly due to the reaction between the free radicals and the skin cells which break down the natural pigments from your skin. Using the best sunscreen for melasma not only prevents radiation from entering into your skin but also prevents the formation of patches. (more…)

Things You Should Know about Lacquer Nail Polish

Things You Should Know about Lacquer Nail Polish

To look great comes at little expense, which is why you should try lacquer nail polish today. This design is a bit similar to other beautification brands, only advanced and more effective, making it the most commonly used product across different locations.

The lacquer’s latest design contains effective ingredients that project absolute beauty. In addition, It does not require much stress during application and lasts longer compared to other nail items.

Things You Should Know about Lacquer Nail Polish

OPI manufactures the best lacquer nail polish, and you can place your order today. Over time, this product proves to have little or no reaction on users irrespective of skin color as it is effortless to apply. Moreover, with this polish nail brand, you don’t have to run to the salon to beautify yourself, as it encompasses the user’s instructions to enable you to embellish yourself at home with no hassle.

Is There Any Difference Between Nail Lacquer and Gel Polish?

Both products are effective but comprise different components. According to the study,  Lacquer is slightly thicker, which allows it to gel and dry quickly. In addition, a nail enthusiast expresses that Lacquers pigment is solvent-based as the brush has proven effective for applying it.

Unlike dipping powder products where you have to put your hand in the dip jar, lacquer polish enables you to control the quantity applied. Gel polish has numerous similar properties with nail lacquer, only a bit lighter and less durable. (more…)

Things You Must Know If You Own an OPI Gel Polish

Things You Must Know If You Own an OPI Gel Polish

Keeping up with trendy nail designs is now easier with the help of the OPI gel polish. People spend time keeping a healthy nail, but technology has simplified these to a shorter duration. You can have soft and healthy nails just by using effective and affordable products irrespective of your location around the globe. For those that love to beautify themselves at home, OPI gel polish is an excellent choice. The OPI manufacturer has decided to provide kit OPI gel for clients who love to keep a pleasing appearance while at home.

Things You Must Know If You Own an OPI Gel Polish

Is OPI the best gel polish?

Among several nail beautification products, you should be careful with the nail polish you use, as some might contain an ingredient that has a harsh reaction on your hand. Customer review across different locations has proven that OPI gel polish is the best nail polish. Most users approve of this product as the best because it provides an avenue for novices to learn how to beautify themselves while at home.  The company’s decision on the OPI gel polish starter kit offers necessary utilities for new and existing users who prefer to stay indoor and look classy. OPI gel polish has fashionable equipment in various colors which match your outfit and make you look first-class. (more…)

The Best DND Gel Polish Fall Colors You Can Bank On

Best DND gel polish fall colors

Winter is the time when you have to give more care to your skin and nails. They tend to dry out. For your skin, you have various creams to moisturize it. Nail polish does the same job for your nails, while enhancing the beauty aspect simultaneously. Here are some excellent DND gel polish fall colors you can bank on to comfortably take you through the winter and fall months.

Generally, people think of dark colors like reds, blues, and the deep brown shades when applying nail polish in the fall months. However, lighter colors are gradually becoming the trend. You can try out these shades during the cold winter and fall months.

Can you ignore the reds?

No, you cannot because red is a versatile choice when it comes to nail polish. Women globally prefer to have the various red shades on their nails to express their femininity. The reds are the perfect colors to make your presence felt in a crowd. It allows you to stand apart from the rest and make an indelible impression. So, red should be foremost on your preference list when you purchase DND gel polish online. (more…)

Get the Perfectly Healthy and Beautiful Skin with an Attractive Glamour

Perfectly Healthy and Beautiful Skin with an Attractive Glamour

Skin being the most sensitive part of the body requires a lot of care. The health of the skin depends largely on the environmental factors, skin type, diet and health issues. For taking proper care of skin, all these factors should be kept in mind. Getting healthy and beautiful skin is not difficult. Just the use of the right products and keeping your lifestyle healthy can do wonders for you.

Perfectly Healthy and Beautiful Skin with an Attractive Glamour

Recently it has been observed that use of makeup and skin care products with the specifications of particular skin types has been really helpful to treat different skin conditions. For example, aging skin in addition to the use of lotions and serums, you can use makeup products like the best anti aging cc cream. It has been used by people of almost all skin types and has greatly reduced the skin problems related to the development of premature aging. It not only hides the fine lines and wrinkles but also protects from UV radiations which is one of the main causes of getting old earlier. You can also use such products to target your particular skin care issues and make your skin look healthier and glamourous.

Why do people tend to age faster?

It has been observed that over the past few decades, premature aging has become quite often in people of all skin types.

There are many factors affecting the overall health and appearance of skin. Due to excessive sun exposure, the melanin pigment is produced in large quantities in the skin cells. Melanin protects the skin from harmful effects of sun rays but it causes faster aging. Due to warm temperatures, the skin form is mostly oily. It traps the dirt and pollution in the skin cells causing mutations in the cell and ultimately faster aging. But you don’t need to worry at all. We are here to bring together some beneficial and effective tips which will leave your skin bright and glowing. (more…)

Top 6 Best Tattoo Ink on the Market: Which Tattoo Ink Should You Choose?

Best Tattoo Ink on the Market

Buying a good quality tattoo ink is among the most initial steps of a tattooing venture. There are a few factors you will need to consider before buying the ink, as an inappropriate product might cause irritation and dryness to your skin. If you are a tattoo artist, choosing the best ink is critical for ensuring your client’s satisfaction must be your utmost priority, and one wrong step can potentially scar them. Dredge out some of the best inks present in the market for a comfortable experience.

Intenze 5.2 Ounces Light Green Tattoo Ink

Amazon best-selling product B073VMY7K3

Coming from a reputable brand, this ink is one of the safest and sterile products. Perfect for both beginners and professionals, it could be used on any kind of skin. You get multiple color options in the same brand, and with suitable viscosity, the liquid flow is just precise.

As the ink will fulfill your lining and filling need, there is no need to buy any other supplementary product. If you wonder whether the ink is good enough for grey wash, trust me, it will exceed your expectations.

StarBrite 1oz Sterilized Tattoo Ink

Amazon best-selling product B00R8L620G

The long-lasting, bright scarlet red ink is ultra-flowy and vibrant. The ink will not fade away in the harshest of conditions and give you a satisfactory result. Being cruelty-free, vegan, and eco-friendly, this tattoo ink is safe and tested. Whether you want to use it for outlining, grey wash, or filling, StarBrite ink will not disappoint you.

Manufactured in the USA, this tattoo ink is everything you need. If you are a beginner, use the small, 1oz bottle and witness the magical and flawless outcome yourself.

Panthera Nonnweiler 5 oz Smooth Blending Tattoo Ink

Amazon best-selling product B078N35QNG

When you are about to buy ink, you will have to look into the pigment content of the liquid. This ink contains a minimal amount of harmful pigment and leaves a contrasting color. It won’t fade under the sun and help you create subtle details.

Coming from an Italian brand, this product is one of the best black ink present in the market. For a smooth and glossy finish, buy this ink, and have a premium tattooing experience. (more…)

Overview of Kiara Sky Dipping Powder

Overview of Kiara Sky Dipping Powder

There are many dipping powder brands, with lots of fancy and attractive colors to give you outstanding nail art designs. Kiara Sky Dipping powder is made with the best contents that are safe and healthy for the naturals.

Kiara Sky nails system is committed to giving customers the best in terms of quality dipping powder. You find lots of refined products from the stable of Kiara Sky.

Kiara Sky nails are a trendy product that has taken over the nail and beauty industry. If you’re passionate about beautiful nail art designs and colors, you can’t go wrong with this product from Kiara Sky.

It is a safe and healthy alternative to acrylic nails. This product is natural and lightweight, with no harsh chemicals present in it. Kiara Sky dipping powder offers strong and long-lasting nails. From our wide range of nail art, you can create beautiful and unique designs that are outstanding and make a statement.

As a nail technician, you have a wide range of products to choose from and spice up your salon.  Are you an amateur? There’s a provision for you as well. You can try Kiara Sky dipping powder from the comfort of your home as it is durable, safe, and long-lasting. Quality is a watchword for Kiara Sky nails. The difference is clear, as this isn’t your regular nail polish. This product presents you with a means of expression. (more…)

Express Yourself with 3d Nail Art Design Using LDS Nail Dipping Powder

Nail Art Design

When it comes to expressing one’s self, there is an iota of ways to do that. It can either be done via choice of clothes, choice of music, color of hair or tattoo. There are just tons of ways to express ourselves via art and women are the most creative when it comes to that. Nail art is one way they use to express themselves and with the advancement of technology, painting the nails doesn’t end with using nail polish anymore. Times have brought so many modern ways to beautify our nails and nail dipping powder is one of those.

Nail Art Design

A Nail Dipping Powder can bring so much more than just painting the nails, it can also be used to create realistic nail designs that flowers, shapes and many other. Nail dipping powder is very flexible and when used right, it can produce tons of products that your nails will love. From one simple nail colour to an overly decorated nails, nail dipping powder can do that.

Here are some nail design ideas that you can recreate to express the other side of your persona. Feel free to do your own version too.


Dip Powder Nail Polish

nail dip powder

Have you ever endured the feeling of being disgusted by chipped nails yet there is nothing you can do about it? It beats the logic of wasting all your time looking for the perfect manicure yet after a few days you will start hiding your nails. The most worrying thing is the idea of your nails just getting messed up by opening a bottle of soda. If you have been suffering from such kind of problems, you do not have to worry anymore because dip powder nail polish has come to save you.

I have always been overwhelmed by the feeling that I will never get a perfect manicure. I, therefore, decided to settle for what is there regardless of the quality. I had been seeing these perfect nails on televisions and magazines and the techniques behind them but everything seems like magic. The look is always mouthwatering. Later on, I have come to realize that there a promising nail polish that is not known to many but promises the perfect look that I have always desired. It is known as the dip powder nail polish. Many experts describe it as between fake nails and regular manicure. This is a new process that has been gaining a lot of attention as a result of social media.

nail dip powder

How DoesIt Work?

Despite the lack of popularity among many people, the process involved in the application of DND nail polish is very simple. With the ease of application, it makes it a process that can easily be done at home. Essentially, you would be able to save a lot of money that can be used for other purposes if you do not have to go to the salon to get a gel polish or even acrylic. Application of this polish makes you enjoy the advantage of not worrying about dust inhalation anymore as it is when working with UV exposure or acrylic. It also gets a huge selling point from the idea that the application of the polish is done in powder form unlike the typical types of polishes. (more…)

No More Black and Blue: Domestic Violence PSAs Should Do Better



An optical illusion shared over 40 million times was bound to be used for a viral marketing campaign: I just didn’t expect it to be a domestic violence PSA. On March 6 the Salvation Army of South Africa put out an ad of a battered woman wearing #thedress (shown in white and gold) next to the tagline, “Why is it so hard to see black and blue?”

The ad was described as “powerful” everywhere (note: images of graphic violence at links) from the Daily Mail to Adweek to the Washington Post. The ad is powerful in that it inspires a strong emotional reaction in the viewer: namely because seeing a bruised, bloodied woman is jarring. But the ad’s “power” ultimately comes at the expense of domestic violence victims. These ads are effective at inspiring emotion in viewers, but they exploit victims to do so.

The emotional reaction the ad creates is generated by voyeuristic desires: it’s tragedy porn, as anti-violence activist Lauren Chief Elk describes it.

This ad is not “powerful”, it’s sensational. And grotesque. And glamorizing the issues here.

— Lauren Chief Elk (@ChiefElk) March 6, 2015

Tragedy porn is what inspires that it’s-so-awful-yet-I-can’t-look-away feeling. Slum tourism, for instance, was created to cash in on tragedy porn. Slum tourism allows the rich to “see how the other half lives” for their edification and profit through direct exploitation of that “other half.” Oppressed communities are transformed into gritty scenery or learning experiences for consumption by the privileged.

I sense a similar dynamic when looking at domestic violence PSAs that feature battered women’s bodies. BuzzFeed has even put together a convenient listicle of such imagery, in 12 “Most Brutal Domestic Violence Awareness Ads” (note: violence at link). These ads, like slum tourism, invite the viewer to watch the daily horrors of being a victim of domestic violence. We stare at the cuts and bruises on these women and feel horrified, yet we can’t look away. But we pat ourselves on the back for being horrified.

Tragedy porn exploits victims by turning them into icons for consumption, which memes and advertising thrive on. Internet memes and advertisements — now often one and the same — gain power through replication and recognition. The Salvation Army ad functions by getting you to stare (recognize) and then retweet (replicate).

The layered use of replication and recognition in the Salvation Army ad is dizzying: it features 1) tragedy porn and 2) the meme du jour in 3) an advertisement, itself a hallmark of a consumerist capitalist economy. But what does it mean to put an image of a domestic violence victim posed like a fashion model in an advertisement? What does it mean to distribute such images via BuzzFeed listicle? As Lauren Chief Elk writes:

Also I’m going to need “the effectiveness” of shock value with domestic violence explained to me.

— Lauren Chief Elk (@ChiefElk) March 6, 2015

Or any other type of graphic violence for that matter when people are using this in ads or campaigns.

— Lauren Chief Elk (@ChiefElk) March 6, 2015

What exactly is “really effective” about any of this? What does it do in terms of preventing violence (as that is the goal insinuated here).

— Lauren Chief Elk (@ChiefElk) March 6, 2015

“It’s really ‘effective’ to see graphic violence” – effective at WHAT?

— Lauren Chief Elk (@ChiefElk) March 6, 2015

Distributing images of abused women in any context should at least give us pause in the age of revenge porn, Steubenville, Rehtaeh Parsons, and Janay Rice, among others. These cases are predicated on violence, invasion of privacy, and abuse of power, and hinge on the commodification of women’s suffering. When so many images of abused women are captured voyeuristically, replicated without consent, and flippantly consumed, designating such imagery as the “face” of domestic violence PSAs does more to harm than help. When we put battered women on billboards and demand people look at them, we are doing little more than perpetuating this violence even if the intentions are good. Victims deserve better than to be reduced to objects for others’ consumption.