Gel Nail Lacquer Color Combos for Short Nails

Every woman desires to have the most beautiful nails in the world. Today, you have excellent options like gel polish, dip powder, and other techniques for enhancing your nail appearance altogether. All these procedures look stunning on people having long nails. However, if you have short and stubby nails, you have to look at different options. This blog discusses the best OPI gel lacquer color combos you can have for short nails.

Here are some tips to make short nails look attractive.

Top Gel Nail Colors for Short Nails

The Violet – Purple Combo

Gel Nail Lacquer Color Combos for Short Nails

You do not have much space to play with your colors when you have short nails. Therefore, it is a disadvantage for you. However, you can try out the purple and violet combination. These colors look similar and transition beautifully from one to another. Besides, the combination stands out and is perfect for any season.

The Nude Finish Is the Best

Gel Nail Lacquer Color Combos for Short Nails

The best aspect of the nude OPI nail gel finish is that it works with every nail shape. If you have long nails, they look great. On the other hand, if your nails are short, the nude finish enhances them and makes the nails appear longer than they are. Besides, the nude finish is perfect for almost every occasion. When choosing nude combos, it is better to go with shades like gray, ivory, off-white, or even pink. Another advantage of the nude finish is that it works well with glossy and matte finishes.

The White and Pink Manicure

Gel Nail Lacquer Color Combos for Short Nails

If you feel that people with long nails are the only ones to have cute finishes, you are wrong. Your short nails can also look equally cute if you use the right color combo. We have discussed the purple and violet combination earlier. In addition, the white and pink combo can be equally beautiful as it gives a casual look to your nails.

You can start with the light pink shades from the base of the nail towards the edges. The pink color matches your skin tone and almost any attire you wear for the occasion. Next, you can use white along the top edges and give a French manicure-like look. The combo also allows you to experiment by including a couple of star designs on the nails. Thus, you have fun without having an over-the-top kind of look.

Nothing Can Be Hotter than the Reds

Gel Nail Lacquer Color Combos for Short Nails

Long nails give you sufficient room to play with colors. People with short nails have a drawback because there is not enough space on the nails. However, you can turn it to your advantage by using the hot red colors, especially the bright and glossy shades, to lend a touch of elegance. These red OPI gel lacquer shades look great if you wear them for a nighttime event. The light reflecting from the bright red shades can make heads turn towards your nails in admiration. So, while being simple, the reds can heat the surroundings beautifully for you.

How about the Yellow and Pink Combination?

Gel Nail Lacquer Color Combos for Short Nails

Yellow is a beautiful color to have on your nails. While yellow is available in hundreds of shades, neon yellow looks particularly good on people having short nails. While exuding the perfect fashion sense, the neon yellow emits the right amount of radiance.

The best aspect of the neon yellow shade is that you do not have to go to extreme levels for the polish to shine through. A light finish can look great on your hands and enhance your attractiveness quotient to a different level.

When you have short nails, it is good to use pink as a combination color with neon yellow. Generally, you have the pink shade at the base and paint your tips yellow. However, the reverse combo looks excellent, as well.

Have a Nail Extension

The best way to augment your short nails and make them look elegant is to have a nail extension. Depending on your nail length up to which you feel comfortable, you can have artificial extensions and make them look as natural as possible.

On having an extension, you can paint your gel polish OPI in the normal way. The blending is so perfect that no one can ever say that you have an artificial extension.

Final Thoughts

There is no need for anyone to feel fussy about short nails. You have different ways to make short nails look beautiful as long nails. We have discussed the various color combos that you can try to hide your handicap and accentuate the nail appearance. Finally, the artificial nail extension is a handy tip because it elongates your nail and looks longer. We have discussed that you can have fun with your short nails and ensure that people admire them wholeheartedly.