A woman with a purple headscarf and curly black hair smiles the the camera. She is wearing a bindi, bright red lipstick and dark sunglasses.

An Open Letter to the Mixed Remixed Festival

by The Editors

No one should have to sit in silence, fuming, and crying hurt, angry tears while in a theater full of people laughing at their culture, but especially not at a festival for Mixed POC.

A pale person stands in front of a mirror with their face in shadow.

Of Mirrors and Monsters: On Formulations of Mixed Race Identity

by Melody Moayedi

Out of the overwhelming condemnation of my identity and body as abnormal I have come to accept this freakishness as my own.

The Argonauts by Maggie Nelson

White Privilege and Queer Identity: Reviewing The Argonauts

by n. laurence

We are valuable as a commodity, as the pieces of our culture that can be appropriated and repurposed, but not as people.


Anime Culture in the Western World: WW2’s Effect on Japanese Media

by Alexa Downing

It seems anime is so popular in the western world because it is, at its core, a western concept that has become the ‘single story’ of Japanese media.


Guardians of Suffering: Police on Synagogue Grounds

by Kendra Watkins

My sense of Jewishness and my sense of Blackness have always been intertwined, each important in their own ways, but one never overpowering the other. But in that moment, there was a disconnect.


Help MRP Go to Mixed Remixed 2016

by The Editors

The partners at Mixed Race Politics have been invited to speak at Mixed Remixed 2016, but we’ll need your help to get there!

a photo of a dark mountain silhouetted against a night sky full of stars.

Protecting Mauna A Wakea: The Space Between Science and Spirituality

by Keolu Fox

Opposing the construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope isn’t about opposing science: it’s about the opposing the system that was designed to oppress Indigenous Hawaiians.


Introducing: Ibeyi

by Jon Bellebono

Ibeyi embraces their mixed race identity and integrates it both in their music and in their persona.

ariana miyamoto, in profile and wearing a kimono

Ariana Miyamoto: Colorism and Anti-Black Racism in Japan

by Maya Inamura

Conversations about Miyamoto’s reception in Japan need to focus on her blackness as much as they focus on her mixedness.